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ARMIE(アーミ) 先生
グループ:B Asian
チューター名 ARMIE(アーミ) 先生
性別 女性
生年月日 1990年9月4日
話せる言語 アメリカ・カナダ英語
興味・分野 日常会話, 発音指導, ビジネス英語, 文法指導, 留学
自己紹介 【講師歴2年/日本語不可】こんにちはみなさん。私はアミーマエです。アミーと呼んでください。hi there everyone!! My name is Armie Mae but you can also call me Armie. I’ve been teaching English for almost two years with Koreans now and I would like to continue teaching English with you. Teaching has always been my passion that’s why I want to share my knowledge and skills with you. I’m not just your teacher I can also be your friend if you want to talk about anything under the sun, So, I assure you that you will enjoy our time together.
To be honest I haven’t been to Japan but I heard only good things about your country. I am looking forward to talking to you about your traditions, food, culture and of course beautiful places in your country. I heard that Japan is known for creative and amazing animation, I’m so excited to talk about anime with you since I’m a person who just loves anime so much.
I understand how hard it could be to learn a second language – but to learn is to be patient and confident enough to break the hindrances. I believe that confidence is one of the most important factors in communication and it’s my task to unleash that confidence in you! We’ll do it together!
Hope to talk to you soon about your goals in learning English Language! Have a Great Day!


授業内容 I will prepare interesting topics for our discussion and you also have the opportunity to pick a topic you are comfortable with.I can also teach grammar and pronunciation. If you wish to use a textbook or other online resources, please feel free to inform me.
主な授業時間帯 monday - friday = 7am - 7pm

saturday = 7am - 7pm

sunday = 12pm - 5pm

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